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Nextiva Analytics
To make faster, better decisions for your business

Nextiva Analytics gives you insight

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  • Summary Reports
  • Call Group Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Wallboards
  • Gamification
  • Trend Analysis
  • Comparison Analysis
  • Period over Period

includes storage

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  • Summary Reports
  • Call Group Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Wallboards
  • Gamification
  • Trend Analysis
  • Comparison Analysis
  • Period over Period

Includes storage
*number of lines in account

- All features

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Visualize data clearly


Interpret to gain actionable insight


Make informed decisions quickly

Instantly view the data you're interested in

  • View call activity for your entire organization, or filter down to a specific location, call group, user, or even phone number
  • Create custom reports tailored to your business needs, on the fly or scheduled to distribute regularly
  • Build custom dashboards to keep the reports you care about most on one screen

instantly view


Analysis that's addictive

  • Instantly access historical data to make informed business decisions
  • Predict business outcomes based on prior performance
  • Get a snapshot of your business at any time

Promote transparency

  • Display your business critical information with customized Wallboards
  • Broadcast real-time information to empower agile decision-making across the office
  • Decrease reaction time to identify and resolve issues

promote transparency


Gamify your company to greatness

  • Create competition to motivate performance
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Foster staff accountability

Stay ahead of the curve

  • Turn data into actionable information to gain a competitive advantage
  • Maintain an objective, long-term view of business performance
  • Predict future outcomes based on prior results

stay ahead


Migration shmigration

  • If you have Nextiva Office, your data is instantly available in Analytics
  • No migration or configuration necessary
  • Sign up now, and gain immediate access to your call data


Nextiva Analytics makes it easy to View, Analyze, and Act your way to better business

Summary Reports

Summary Reports

Get a snapshot of call activity for your entire organization, with historical or real-time data

Call Group Reports

Call Group Reports

Analyze data for a specific group of employees to better understand of business and staffing needs

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Generate reports tailored to your specific businesss needs and objectives

Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards

Keep the reports you care about the most on one screen



Display business-critical information to increase transparency and empower agile decision-making



Create competition among employees and teams to motivate performance and increase engagement

Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

Identify patterns in your call activity to address issues or generate projections

Comparison Analysis

Comparison Analysis

Draw comparisons between users, locations, call groups, queues, and phone numbers

Period Over Period

Period Over Period

Measure growth, and understand the direct effects of business activities and decisions


overview pages

See an overview of activity for your entire organization,
or broken down by user, location, call group, or phone number

Break down data by call type

See your total call activity, in calls or minutes

Interactive graphs and maps

Drill down to see the detail you need

interactive maps

Access call recordings directly from reports

access call

Custom reports

Only you can create the perfect report for your business

custom reports

250+ report templates, infinite combinations

run custom

Run custom reports on the fly or set them to distribute automatically



Wallboards can be displayed around your office to share real-time information with teams

Identify and resolve issues faster

Customizable dashboards keep your finger on the pulse of your business

The reports you care about the most, on one screen



Scorecards are great for those who don't want all the colors
- they just want to know the score


Identify patterns in your call activity

Analyze how your decisions and initiatives impact your business trends

identify patterns

Predict where your business is going to get ahead of the curve

build metrics

Build metrics around how long your customers and agents are on the phone

Are prospective customers engaged?

Are your agents resolving issues efficiently?

Gain an objective long-term view of your business performance

gain an objective

compare data

Compare data between locations, call groups, users, and phone numbers

Track (A/B test) success of marketing campaign and business initiatives

Why get Nextiva Analytics for your business?

With our intuitive software, it's easy to make smart, data-driven decisions for your business


Instantly access and visualize information


Interpret data and gain clear insight


Make faster, better business decisions

increase revenue

Boost team performance and accurately assess staffing needs


Scale your business more efficiently

instant infinite insight

Instant, infinite insight

Get immediate access to all your call activity data, and see your business (employee performance, impact of marketing activities, etc) clearer than ever

Value across the business

Actionable, valuable insight for every role in your organization

View your most business-critical reports on one screen with Custom Dashboards

CEO reports

With Call Duration Analysis, you can see how long customers are spending on the phone to get issues resolved

Operations reports

deploy gamification

Measure and motive performance for individuals or teams with Gamification

marketing reports

Track the success of marketing campaigns and A/B tests with Comparison Analysis of call volume by phone number


Say goodbye to spreadsheets - create Custom Reports and schedule them to run and distribute automatically

everyone wins

Everyone wins with Gamification

Boost employee performance and engagement with gamification

  •  Create friendly competition between your employees or teams to increase motivation and performance
  •  Gamification has been shown to improve employee engagement by 48% - The Aberdeen Group
  •  Quickly compare employees or teams utilizing multiple business critical factors

No nerd needed

Nextiva analytics is easy for anyone to use - not just those with math brains and tech savvy.

  •  No more waiting on reports from other people - access all your data instantly
  •  Free yourself from that mountain of spreadsheets - create the exact reports you want and schedule them to distribute regularly
  •  Look at your data in beautiful graphs or traditional tables - whatever works for you

no nerd


Organizations who deploy gamification can
improve employee engagement by 48%

deploy gamification

Businesses with engaged employees have

engaged employees

Create competition by displaying a leaderboard


look at rankings

Look at rankings for users, teams, locations, or call groups

Rank by inbound, outbound, or total, and by calls or minutes

rank by inbound


Transparency gives employees a real-time measure of their performance

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